• Dinner Set

    Add a Dinner set for live background music, to help make your event extra special. We play for a maximum of 60 minutes, with a 15-30 minute break.


    Please note the maximum size of the band we offer for a Dinner set, depends on what size band you book for the main set.

    1 Piece Band £350

    2 Piece Band £500

    3 Piece Band £650

    4 Piece Band £800

    5 Piece Band £950

    6 Piece Band £1100

    7 Piece Band £1250

    8 Piece Band £1400

    9 Piece Band £1550



  • Videos

    Check out our videos from The Dinner Set.

    Don't Dream It's Over


    by Crowded House / Lauren Daigle

    (Dinner Set)

    Nothing Can Come Between Us


    by Sade

    (Dinner Set)

    Taste of You


    by Allen Stone

    (Dinner Set)

    Shape of my Heart


    By Sting

    (Dinner Set)