go here to download software - www.jamkazam.com


    This will only work with a wired network connection and so you will need to connect your computer directly to your hub - It will NOT work over WIFI



    Most PC's have a network socket built in, as do iMac/MacPro and Mac Mini








    Most modern laptops will need a network-USB adapter

    like this one on Amazon








    Plug your network cable directly into the wireless hub


    Once you have installed the Jamkazam software there are many videos on how to set it up.

    It will work best with an external sound device like this .... USB sound card

    Search for "USB sound card" or "external sound card" - this is not essential but it will improve the connection quality and reduce the delay (latency) as it is not using the internal sound card. With these you can plug your normal gigging microphone directly into them so will save on having to buy a USB mic.


    If you do not have an external sound card you can use one of the many USB mics that are out there.

    Here are a few to choose from


    Failing all that you can use the built in mic (laptop) but it will sound like you are singing into your telephone to everyone else!



    Follow the onscreen instructions that will guide you through setting up your gear, it is quite well explained so no need for me to go through it all here.





    Once you have set it up let me (John) know and we can do a test session to make sure all is good rather than delay everyone else.

    My username is - Johnspiano - but you should also find me by searching - John Michaels




    Please feel free to whatsapp MSG me if you need any help setting this up